digital campaigns

We help you strategize, plan, and launch creative, effective digital campaigns that tell a story, transform a cause, and inspire your audience to act. We’ll find out what motivates your audiences to engage across different platforms—from Facebook and Twitter to SMS. We’ll help you find and create the right content (visuals, copy, stories, actions) for each campaign. And we’ll show you how to measure what’s working.

case study:

We helped conceptualize and launch an intensive digital campaign centered around fighting the possible loss of healthcare subsidies via a high-profile Supreme Court decision.

social media

Often, audiences’ first encounter your brand on social media. Great visuals inspire audiences to support, share, and act—a cornerstone of effective engagement and key to driving audiences to a more substantive understanding of your work. We’ll write and design effective, inspiring visuals to support your digital campaigns, email marketing efforts, and to boost engagement across your social media platforms.

social media videos


Creating well-written, quality content helps you compete for your audience’s attention against “noise” —from inboxes and texts to news alerts. We work with you to plan, write, edit, and deliver good content to make sure it does—from helping you plan your blog; to writing and editing landing pages; to transforming print materials into engaging copy for your site, digital and email campaigns, and social media platforms.

our approach to writing

Every brand, cause, and company has a story to tell. If good writing is the “social proof” of your brand, then the ability to tell a good story provides that proof. Here are a few examples of writing authored by Carla.


Screen time for Kids: How Much Is Too Much?
(Ghost-written for technology company Papumba)

"Opting Out of Tests? More to It Than Meets the Eye"
(written for the Hunt Institute)

"How a 7-Year-Old Incorporates Deeper Learning By Building a Patio Deck"
(written for Council for a Strong America)

"Ripples in Space"
(written for Education Post “Head in the Sand” blog)

5 Do’s and Don’ts for Kids, Families, and Screen Time
(Ghost-written for technology company Papumba)

Three Advantages of Using Technology At Home and in the Classroom
(Ghost-written for technology company Papumba)

How to choose the best educational apps for kids
(Ghost-written for technology company Papumba)

web copy

Issue backgrounders:
Affordable Care Act

Issue backgrounders:

Issue backgrounders:
Health Equity


Ten Enrollment Fixes
(ghost-written and edited for the authors)