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The next time you want to have a conversation with your graphic designer about color, please pull out this handy-dandy infographic first (by Kissmetrics). No, it’s not the best infographic in the world, but these are common-sense things that many of us do that are  sometimes difficult to explain, especially before we’ve had our coffee. So, before you talk to us, read this.


  • Interesting. At one point during the development of intercensal poverty estimates we were thinking of using color but eventually decided against it for a few reasons. One, we were having problems thinking about incorporating the uncertainty associated with the estimates. Consequently, point estimates could differ across geographic areas but be “statistically identical”. Two, we were worried that changes in color would be perceptively different from the differences in estimates. In the end, we decided against using color.

    But you are right, color is a powerful tool.

    • You know, we went through the same thing when we created an infographic on last year’s census release of poverty and income numbers. Color is a loaded issue when socio-economic issues play out.

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