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What I learned at Alan Smithee’s Tableau blog? Alan Smithee is not Alan Smithee. The name is a pseudonym that Hollywood directors use when they don’t wish to use their real names in production credits for a (usually terrible) movie.

I also learned a few helpful tips for getting around Tableau, the open source dataviz software that many bloggers use. “Alan” catalogs and discusses a fairly robust array of dataviz formats, presenting helpful insights on working out the less well-known ways of presenting information. There are also a few very good sections on geocoding and Tableau hacks. Love it.

Icing on the cake for newbies? A tabbed data viz presentation (in Tableau of course) of all the charts that Tableau can produce. Oh Alan, I love you.

The commenters on the blog are engaged, responding to both  newbies and math geeks. It’s a good blog.

Alan Smithee's Tableau blog