color coordination: infographic

April 7, 2012By carlainformation

The next time you want to have a conversation with your graphic designer about color, please pull out this handy-dandy infographic first (by Kissmetrics). No, it’s not the best infographic in the world, but these are common-sense things that many of us do that are  sometimes difficult to explain, especially before we’ve had our coffee. So, before you talk to us, read this.

america by the numbers

April 6, 2012By carlanews

If you’re a data junkIe, chances are you’ve eagerly sucked down the data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau as a result of its mandatory (yep) 10-year American Community Survey. Now 60 Republicans want to make this survey optional. The implications for what this could do to the quality of the data are troubling. It’s a fairly robust source and, as Flowing Data points out, anecdotes only go so far. But mandatory? Tough call.

airbnb’s cool infographic

April 5, 2012By carlainformation

Airbnb posted a very nice infographic recently. It can get a little gimmicky, and I agree with Randy’s observation that the large typeface isn’t the best choice for some of the data. But it’s a good example of an infographic that successfully pulls together a variety of data formats in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the casual reader. I see a lot of teal and brown these days, but Airbnb pulls off the color scheme nicely.

Airbnb's Global Growth infographic


Nostalgia. And trucks.

April 1, 2012By carlabranding, design

So… what is beautiful?

Every summer for the past seventeen years, my partner and I drive along highway 113 to a beach house in Delaware. Approximately 30 miles east of Selbyville, I start scanning the left side of the highway to see… this.

Utility logo
The Utility Trailer Company's logo (

I can tell you what I love about it. The blue that is not quite blue, the crooked “U,” the awkward attempt to wrap the banner around the globe. It is imperfect. It is earnest. It is Americana. And it is nostalgia. So, appropriately, this first post is about the emotional reactions that beauty evokes. It has absolutely nothing to do with data visualization. But it is about art, and information, and where those two meet. For me, information, understanding and clarity evoke a similar reaction–and that’s why I wanted to create this blog. But more on that in future posts. For now, this is just about the visuals.

And that’s why I thought I’d start with this example. And tell you about the logo that welcomes us, tells us that the 3.5 hours of Beltway driving are almost over. That pine trees, mosquitos, goose poop and Old Bay await.